Oceans are beyond suffering from plastics and pollutants

Recent, disconcerting studies on the state of ocean dystopia: -Plastics taken up in the food chain, and found in fish sold in the supermarket -Baby fish have been found to prefer eating plastic in plastic laden water than their natural food source (like junk food for a teenager)  -Radiation from Fukushima has made its way … Continue reading Oceans are beyond suffering from plastics and pollutants


The inverse is what we want

            All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking. - Nietzsche In car commuting we separate ourselves from each other and our environment. The creative flow of ideas is cut. We stagnate our minds and stifle our collective imagination. Instead of eye contact we have aggression, instead of daydreaming through … Continue reading The inverse is what we want


We still have to learn how to live peacefully, not only with our fellow men but also with nature ….......the foundations of peace cannot be laid by universal prosperity, in the modern sense, because such prosperity, if attainable at all, is attainable only by cultivating such drives of human nature as greed and envy, which … Continue reading Symbiosis

A lens of separation

In a world of disconnect, strive for connection ~ I appreciate what this photographer is trying to convey: how seperate most people feel from nature and how absurd some of our 'normal' behaviors look compared to spending moments outside in the natural elements.  They could have added a pokemon go player about to go over … Continue reading A lens of separation

She is silently speaking

"How sad to think that nature speaks and mankind doesn't listen." - Victor Hugo 1840 Naomi Klein recently used this quote in This Changes Everything, and it resonates with me on many levels. Another messages from the past that has gone unheeded. Why do we push our luck so much? We have abused nature and then we ignore … Continue reading She is silently speaking

Plastic Consumption: The elephant in the room

               What kind of ways are you trying to reduce plastic in your life?  Currently, there are over 300m tons of plastic produced every year. I myself have a hard time trying to visualize what this means, so I tried to do some illustrative math. One Male African Elephant weighs … Continue reading Plastic Consumption: The elephant in the room

Migration: not just about humans

Rights of movement, for humans and flora and fauna are not without geographical and social barriers.  Here is a link to a recent report on migration projections of animals due to climate change.  Looks like rivers flowing in reverse! The animals will inevitably come into conflict with unnatural boundaries (fences, roads, and invisible laws and … Continue reading Migration: not just about humans