Oceans are beyond suffering from plastics and pollutants

Recent, disconcerting studies on the state of ocean dystopia: -Plastics taken up in the food chain, and found in fish sold in the supermarket -Baby fish have been found to prefer eating plastic in plastic laden water than their natural food source (like junk food for a teenager)  -Radiation from Fukushima has made its way … Continue reading Oceans are beyond suffering from plastics and pollutants


Chado ~ the way of tea

Chado, the way of tea and the art of the tea ceremony, is a way of cultivating the inner and the outer being, the wabi-sabi. The tea house is symbolically a place of peace, neutrality, and contemplation. In warring Japan in centuries past, the tea house served as the refuge, a place where samurai could … Continue reading Chado ~ the way of tea

Light Pollution blinds us to more than we know

The only time I really experienced the night sky - stars so big you could grab them - was in the Sahara in northern Mali. The Tuareg people in that region use the stars to guide them as they travel through the desert, under the cool of the night sky. Follow this star and you get … Continue reading Light Pollution blinds us to more than we know

Keep it simple

Globally, we operate at an environmental deficit: "Today humanity uses the equivalent of 1.6 planets to provide the resources we use and absorb our waste. This means it now takes the Earth one year and six months to regenerate what we use in a year." (Global Footprint Network) Development for development's sake is not the … Continue reading Keep it simple

Pandora’s box of chemicals

A little history on our chemical predicament:  The EPA's Toxic Substance and Control Act was enacted in 1976. At that time, 62,000 chemicals were grandfathered in with no testing. The Act also created a strange catch:  there needs to be evidence of harm done in order for a manufacturer to provide information about their products. … Continue reading Pandora’s box of chemicals

‘Trouble is the only thing we need more of’

'Trouble is the only thing we need more of' - in reference to more climate activists. Civil action is what democracy requires, and what it is built off of. If there is no alternative story, the status quo prevails. Being silent lends consent to the current practices of extractive industries, lax politicians, and lax national … Continue reading ‘Trouble is the only thing we need more of’