Time to write some letters !

We are all connected, 6 degrees of separation or less. There is oftentimes a false sense that some people are unapproachable. Well, if they’re living, approach them! People can always change their minds and their ways. It is defeatist to think someone, something is a lost cause….

There are numerous ways to get involved with social causes. Although there are certain constraints that might limit you from being at the front lines – geography, financials, family, social identity concerns, time constraints – letter writing is an effective way to reach decision-makers, and even have your voice get heard! It is also an effective way to take part and share support in causes you feel passionate about but are geographically separated.  Do what you can where you are.

Here are contacts for the bankers who pull the strings on such socially and environmentally destructive projects as the Dakota Pipeline. Reach out and let them know that they could use their money more constructively. Propose some solutions, solar and green jobs perchance? R&D for NetZero/NetPositive homes? More efficient batteries for storing wind and solar generated electricity for the times that energy is needed? Closed-loop buildings that generate food and reprocess waste? Urban hydroponic food towers? Biodegradable everything? Anyone can be a critic, but opening up the discussion for constructive solutions with these people who actually have the money to make a change…who knows….




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