Finally a new take on the American dream of expansion: Roadways that function as green energy

It has been slow to materialize, but now that this green energy prototype will be tested in the midWest (of all places!) and on the most famous highway in the US, route 66.  The roadways will create jobs (needed manufacturing jobs in the US); help foster the green energy transition; pay for itself through the energy it creates; use recycled materials in their panels; minimize GHG since roads don’t need to be continually repaved; dethaw roads so they don’t need to be salted; and even light up to signal safety issues. I am definitely in anticipation to see how these panels really do the job.  If they can bring the Harley riders over to the green energy side (green energy union jobs!) than I think these shifts will really take on momentum : )

This is so very encouraging! [this site also has a video explaining the project, don’t mind the bombastic narrative, the content is what counts]






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