Plastic Consumption: The elephant in the room

               What kind of ways are you trying to reduce plastic in your life? 

Currently, there are over 300m tons of plastic produced every year. I myself have a hard time trying to visualize what this means, so I tried to do some illustrative math.

  • One Male African Elephant weighs between 2.5-7tons
  • 300/7 (being the most conservative using 7) =                                                                                all the plastic in one year is equivalent to 42,857,143 massive full grown Male African      Elephants in Plastic.
  • approximately 8m tons of plastic went into the ocean last year, or equivalent to about 37.5% of  the plastic produced, which would be like dumping 1,142,857 dead elephants into the ocean every year, except that this plastic cannot decompose and instead creates a toxic environment for ocean ecosystems.  The amount of plastic that makes its way into the ocean could increase 10-fold in the coming decades (due to increases in population and plastic consumption) if consumption habits arent changed.
  • It takes between 500-1000 years for plastic to degrade. At this rate, in 500 years we will have minimum 571,428,571 metaphorical dead plastic elephants in our oceans,  gunking up shorelines and ocean flows, their plastics getting eaten and carried up the food chain, leeching from the bioaccumulation into the food we eat…and this is only in the ocean! These numbers do no account for all the  mounds of metaphorical dead plastic elephants that will be filling the landfills (also leeching into the ground), tossed on the side of streets, found blown into far corners of nature where one would not thing to find this material. But plastic doesn’t break down, so these consumption choices will be with us for centuries.


Here are a few tips and insights to consider:


screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-3-20-04-pm1,142,857 Every Year!!



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